MicroScribe G2 with CADKEY

a spatial measuring tool

  • MicroScribe-G2 is a computer tool for a designer or engineer to measure the location of points in three-dimensional space or on the surface of an object. MicroScribe-G2 is a precision mechanical arm with encoders at each joint, embedded processor, foot switch, serial or USB connection to the users computer, and MicroScribe Utility Software - a software application interface. Using the hand-held probe and foot switch the user selects a point or sketches a curve (a set of points). Calculated digitized XYZ coordinates are directly inserted into a selected function in the users active Windows software design, analysis or control application.

  • MicroScribe-G2 is compatible with ...

    ... Rhinoceros NURBS Modeling (integrated MicroScribe G2 support)
    ... AutoCAD
    ... DesignCAD
    ... BobCAD-CAM
    ... CADKEY
    ... ProEngineer
    ... SolidWorks
    ... Mastercam
    ... Excel, Notepad, all software application functions accepting keyboard entry
  • at rear of base
    connect USB (or serial) cable from host
    power is provided by USB - red light (or power supply to +5V DC)
    connect dual pedal foot switch to accessory
    place probe tip in home position (in holder)
    push home button to calibrate and test digitizer - green light

  • open MicroScribe Utility Software (MUS) (or download, install and open)
    review welcome window or click OK to display digitizing window
    move probe tip around, notice display of XYZ coordinates

  • select format strings button
    select CADKEY %.3f\t%.3f\t%.3f\n
    % is calculated value of X, Y, and Z coordinates
    a '-' before % negates a coordinate value
    4f, 3f, 2f is display resolution
    \t is a horizontal tab
    \n is a new line or Enter

  • select i button (MicroScribe information) button
    select configuration tab
    select standard (inches)
    no scaling factor
    no custom tip delta
    no comma as decimal
    select beep on plot

  • select reference frame button
    select custom frame to define a coordinate system
    mark origin, X-axis, Y-axis on desktop (a drafting square is helpful)
    digitize origin (right foot pedal switch)
    digitize point on X-axis
    digitize point on Y-axis

  • open CADKEY
    digitized points will be inserted in functions accepting keyboard entry of 3D points
    open new part
    select 3D mode for construction (3D Const)
    select viewport, layout (four), indicate primary viewport
    select world coordinates

  • select create, point at a specified position
    select key in
    digitize point at orgin, x-axis, y-axis
    enter escape (ESC) to end point command
    select autoscale, accept

  • select create a line string
    use mouse cursor, click points in XY view to form triangle

  • select create a circle by specifying three points on the perimeter
    select key in
    create circles using origin as a point for each of the circles
    digitize 3 points in XY plane
    digitize 3 points in XZ plane
    digitize 3 points in YZ plane
    select rotate part and rotate isometric metric view

  • select create a three-dimensional open ended spline
    select key in
    digitize points in 3D to define a spline

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