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Measuring Distances in Space

The MicroScribe-3D (or Freepoint 3D) three dimensional digitizer is used to precisely and easily determine the locations of selected points in space relative its default or a custom reference coordinate system. The XYZ coordinates of the points may be used with software applications and design tools to map the surface of objects and their location within the active volume of the digitizer. Coordinates may be directly entered into Excel to calculate distance between points, rotation angles, deviations, and other functions.

Fix a precision metal scale on your desktop as a 'standard' to perform a quick-check the accuracy and performance of the digitizer. Open MUS or Inscribe software application interface for MicroScribe-3D (or Freept3D software for Freepoint 3D) and select Excel format. Click on worksheet to open Excel and to calculate the distance between two points in space. With your mouse, place the Excel cursor in A3 (column A, row 3) of the worksheet and digitize a point. X, Y, and Z coordinates of the point will be directly entered in A3, B3, and C3. Digitize a second point on the scale (perhaps 10" apart). The XYZ coordinates of the second point will be entered into A4, B4, and C4. The distance between the points will be calculated <=((A4-A3)^2+(B4-B3)^2+(C4-C3)^2)^0.5> in D4.

Digitize four more sets of points the same distance apart on the scale. The distances will be calculated in D6, D8, D10, and D12. The standard & average deviations (repeatability) and the average value (accuracy) of your measurements are calculated and displayed.

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