Steyr AUG Receiver Group

The Steyr AUG's receiver is die-cast from aluminum and is available in two different configurations. One contains a 1.5x Swarovski optical sight which is integral with the carrying handle. The AUG special receiver is cast with a STANAG base instead of an optical tube housing and will accept most standard NATO optics and mounts. Each can be provided with a variety of options and accessories. For instance, the optical sight on the standard receiver normally contains a simple black ring, the center of which provides a 1.8-meter field of view at 300 meters. However, other reticle patterns such as circle/dot and circle/crosshairs are available upon special request. Clear lense covers which are connected and secured by rubber strips are also optional and protect the optics without distorting their field of view. Steyr manufactures both a Weaver rail and an SSG rail for their special receiver, allowing the user to mount virtually any type of optics to it. Several ARMS products such as Stanag rings and the #6 rail also mount easily on the special receiver.

Image of Special Receiver