Quality, Accuracy, Dependability, Versatility

Just a few reasons why the Steyr AUG family of weapons are perfectly suited to the special weapons needs of today's law enforcement community. The Steyr AUG weapon system is an example of modern manufacturing technology, the use of state-of-the-art materials, and forward thinking design innovations. Since the time of its introduction, the Steyr AUG has been the answer to a need for a modern, ergonomic, durable and accurate combat rifle. First fielded with the Austrian Army, the AUG in its various forms has been adopted by over 18 countries for use in their militaries and special forces units. Additionally the AUG has seen use in countless numbers of law enforcement agencies worldwide.

Short Overall Length

The Steyr AUG is designed on a "Bullpup " principal which makes it 25% shorter than other rifles with similar barrel lengths without compromising ballistic performance. The bullpup design does away with the folding stock feature found on many weapon types, allowing the AUG to be instantantly available for accurate shoulder firing. A shorter overall length means unmatched maneuverability which gives the user faster target engagement and allows the AUG to be easily maneuvered through small spaces such as a patrol car, SWAT vehicles, and APCS. Additionally the shorter overall length gives the user a decisive advantage when close quarter environments are encountered. The Bullpup design also allows a longer barrel length thus enhancing accuracy and increasing the terminal velocities of the ammunition. Therefore the AUG has an advantage over conventional weapons which depend on a shorter barrel to decrease the overall length of the weapon.

Integral Optical Sight

The Steyr AUG comes standard with a 1.5x optical sight which is built-in to the receiver and is fully protected from damage by the aluminum receiver housing. Additionally, the optic is sealed in its housing and is waterproof to a depth of 30 feet. The optical sight housing also acts as a carrying handle for the weapon. The use of the optical sight has been proven to increase hit probability and decrease target acquisition time (spotting and identifying the target) and engagement time (the decision to fire and put a round on target). Target acquisition and engagement time with the AUG optical sight has been estimated at 1.5 seconds (where only two points are aligned) versus the conventional open sight at 3 seconds (where three points must be aligned). Target acquisition time is decreased by one-half which means the user is faster and therefore has a decisive advantage in the field. In low light or night environments optical sights have proven far better than conventional sights, and target acquisition is possible for the AUG long after the ability to use a conventional open sight has passed. The 1.5x magnification of the AUG optical sight allows the user to fire the weapon with both eyes open eliminating the worry of losing peripheral vision and developing "tunnel vision" while sighting through the optic. Additionally, the optical sight on the AUG decreases training time for the user - thus greatly reducing ammunition and training costs.

Ergonomic Design

When the Steyr AUG was designed, special attention was paid to the shape of the weapon and how it would interact with the human user. The end result is a perfectly balanced and human engineered weapon. The AUG's center of balance is directly centered at the pistol grip allowing it to be operated with one hand if necessary as opposed to other weapon types which tend to be front heavy and cumbersome. Additionally, the safety mechanism is operated by the thumb and index finger and is fully ambidextrous, allowing it to be manipulated at will. This gives the AUG an advantage, as the safety may always be in the "on" position; at the moment the user has acquired a target and is ready to fire, the safety can be deactivated, the weapon fired, and the safety reactivated without any noticeable loss in target engagement time. The left handed person was also kept in mind, as the AUG can easily be adapted in seconds for left handed users with the installation of a left hand bolt assembly. The user does not have to think about looking for a fire selector on the AUG. Modes of fire are selected by the AUG's two stage trigger, short pulls of the trigger provide single shots and a long pull to the rear provides full auto or burst fire. Additionally the AUG selective fire rifles can be equipped to fire semi-auto only by the installation of a semi-auto hammer group.


The Steyr AUG has been designed to be the most durable and dependable weapon available today. More than 23 components of the AUG system including the stock, magazine and hammer mechanism are made of high-impact, extremely-rigid, synthetic material . These parts are friction resistant and need no lubrication to operate, giving them a very long life cycle. The receiver is made of a precision cast and machined high strength alloy which is corrosion resistant and easy to maintain. This receiver encloses a cold hammer forged, chrome-lined barrel with a minimum service life of 15,000 rounds. The AUG is easily disassembled to major components without tools, and most parts require no fitting. This decreases basic maintenance cost, as armory training is very simple.


The AUG weapon system is completely modular. All components, including barrels, receivers, and spare parts are completely interchangeable from weapon to weapon. This is an advantage, as with the addition of special equipment and accessories, a single AUG can be tailored to suit a wide variety of operational requirements. Using a "building block" principal, the user can configure the AUG in any of its various forms.

The Steyr AUG,
An Obvious Choice

No other weapon system available offers quality, dependability, versatility, firepower, accuracy and ergonomic design in a package as compact as that of the AUG. These advantages of the Steyr AUG render it the obvious choice of law enforcement professionals.