Steyr AUG SA Online User's Manual

Armee Universal Gewehr

I. General Information
  • Personal light semi-automatic rifle
  • Ammunition: cartridge caliber 5.56x45mm NATO (.223 Remington)
  • Interchangable barrel
  • Integral optical sight and fixed open sights
  • Synthetic 30-round magazine

II. Technical Data

Caliber 5.56x45mm NATO (.223 Remington)
Barrel length 508mm (20 inches)
Barrel twist Right-hand twist of one turn in 9 inches
Chamber and Barrel
Chrome plated
Overall Length 790mm (31 inches)
Height 275mm (11 inches)
Weight of Weapon
Without Magazine
3.6kg (7.9 pounds)
Weight of Empty
0.13kg (0.3 pounds)

III. Description

IV. Accessories

  • Cleaning kit
  • Carrying sling
  • Muzzle cap
  • Sight adjustment tool
  • Left-handed bolt

V. How to Use the Rifle

WARNING: Always keep the rifle pointed in a safe direction, or at least in the direction in which it is intended to shoot. Also, make sure that the ejection port cover is mounted on the side of the stock that the shooter's cheek rests on and that the correct (right or left-handed) bolt is installed.

Before shooting, check the position of the gas plug. For normal shooting, the gas-plug plunger should be aligned with the small circle stamped on the gas cylinder (the serrated "ears" of the plug will then be positioned approximately horizontally). With some ammunition - or a very dirty rifle - gas pressure may be insufficient for reliable functioning. In such cases, the gas plug plunger may be aligned with the large circle to increase gas flow.

Locking and releasing:

    To place the safety "ON" (white dot visible), push the square safety button through the stock from left to right. A white indicator dot on the button will be fully exposed when the safety is "ON". To take the safety "OFF" (red dot visible), push the button in the opposite direction to expose a red indicator dot.

Inserting the magazine

    Take the magazine by its lower half - the little finger lies beneath the magazine bottom - and slide it into the magazine well until it audibly engages.


    After pushing the safety "ON" and inserting a loaded magazine:

  • Hold the rifle by its grip with the right hand, and grasp the cocking slide knob with the left hand.
  • Fully retract the cocking slide knob, and lock it upwards.
  • With the left hand, apply just enough pressure to the top of the cocking slide knob to push it back downward.
  • The cocking slide knob, as well as the bolt, should automatically cycle forward, rendering the rifle loaded with the safety "ON".

WARNING: Visually inspect the ejection port to ensure that the bolt is fully closed. If it is not, retract the cocking slide knob approximately 1" and press the forward assist button on the cocking slide knob while pushing it forward again


  • Push the safety "ON" (white dot visible).
  • Press the magazine release button, and remove the magazine.
  • Retract the cocking slide knob, and secure it in the upward position. The chambered cartridge will eject or fall through the magazine well.
  • Press the cocking slide knob downwards, and allow it to cycle forward.
  • After ensuring that the chamber is empty, push the safety to the "OFF" position (red dot visible), pull the trigger to decock the rifle, and return the safety to the "ON" position.
The rifle should be rendered "safe", unloaded, and uncocked.

Adjusting the Optical Sight

The optical tube is mounted into the receiver's carrying handle with three hexagonal nuts which should remain tight and undisturbed.

  • Elevation is adjusted by using the sight key to turn the inner disc of the hex nut on the bottom of the optical tube. Turning the elevation adjustment disc in the direction labeled "H" (higher) raises the bullet's point of impact.
  • Windage is adjusted by using the sight key to turn the inner disc of the hex nut on the right-hand side of the optical tube. Turning the windage adjustment disc in the direction labeled "R" moves the bullet's point of impact to the right.

VI. Dismantling and Assembling

Without the need for special tools, the Steyr AUG can easily be assembled for use or disassembled for cleaning. However, ensure that the rifle is unloaded before doing either.


  • Magazine removal - grasp the magazine with either hand, and press the magazine catch to release it from the stock
  • Barrel removal
    • Holding the rifle in the right hand by its pistol grip, rest the butt plate of the rifle against the hip.
    • Retract the cocking slide knob, and secure it in the rearward position.
    • Grasp the barrel grip with the left hand, and use the left thumb to press the barrel locking latch down.
    • Rotate the barrel clockwise to disengage it from the receiver assembly, and then pull it outwards to remove it
  • Removing the receiver and bolt
    • Release the cocking slide knob and allow it to cycle fully forward.
    • The rifle will be cocked, but do not pull the trigger or else the hammer will swing upwards preventing the later removal of the hammer group.
    • Resting the butt of the rifle against your hip, apply rearward pressure to the receiver in order to relieve tension on the housing latch.
    • Press the housing latch completely to the right, and remove the receiver along with the bolt assembly.
    • Slide the bolt assembly out of the receiver.
  • Removing the butt plate
    • Press inward on the dimple in the center of the buttplate to relieve tension on the rear sling swivel.
    • While doing so, push the rear sling swivel to the right completely against the side of the stock.
    • The butt plate can then be removed simply by lifting off of the stock.
  • Removing the hammer group
    • Press in on the tab at the rear of the hammer group which was formerly underneath the dimple in the center of the butt plate, and pull the sling swivel out of the stock.
    • Grasp the tab at the rear of the hammer group, and pull the hammer group out of the stock.
At this point, the AUG has been stripped into its six primary groups.

  • Stripping the gas mechansim
    • Press down on the gas plug's serrated "ears", and turn the gas plug clockwise until the slot on plug is aligned with the tab on the gas cylinder.
    • Pull the gas plug out of the cylinder.
    • Remove the piston and spring from the gas cylinder by using either a small punch or the tip of the bolt carrier's right guide rod.
  • Stripping the bolt group
    • Hold the bolt group firmly in one hand with the guide rods aiming outward.
    • Rotate the firing pin 90 degrees counter-clockwise and remove it from the bolt.
    • While holding the bolt carrier in one hand and using that hand's index finger to restrain the bolt from forward movement, push the bolt's control stud down into the carrier cam slot.
    • The bolt, adaptor sleeve, bolt spring, and bolt spring sleeve will now come out as a unit.
  • Removing the stock's ejection port cover

    This should only be undertaken to switch from right-hand ejection to left-hand ejection or vice versa.

    • Use a flat-bladed screwdriver to lift the edge of the outer ejection lid while simultaneously pushing it forward.
    • As the outer ejection lid slides off, the inner ejection lid will drop down into the stock and may be removed through the magazine well or through either of the ejection openings.
    • When fitting the ejection port cover, reach into the magazine well with one hand in order to hold the inner ejection lid in place while sliding on the outer ejection lid until it engages.


Assemble the rifle in the reverse order of dismantling it.

  • Inserting the hammer mechanism
    • With the hammer cocked, slide the hammer group back into the stock.
    • Press in the hammer group tab until the holes in the tab are aligned with the holes in the stock, allowing for insertion of the rear sling swivel.
    • Push the sling swivel all the way into the stock, but do not force it in. It will assemble easily when it is properly aligned.
  • Reassembling the bolt
    • Insert the bolt (with adaptor sleeve, bolt spring, and bolt spring sleeve correctly attached) into the bolt carrier. Ensure that the control stud is free to move.
    • Press the bolt down into the bolt carrier until the control stud is visible in the cam slot.
    • While holding the bolt in this position, replace the firing pin by pushing it in until it engages and rotates 90 degrees. The firing pin raises the control stud and locks the bolt into place.
  • Replacing the butt plate
    • When replacing the butt plate, first insert its lower lip in the bottom end of the stock.
    • Ensure that the sling swivel is pushed in completely so that its machined cuts will accomodate both of the butt plate's retaining catches.
    • Seat the butt plate tightly against the rear of the stock.
    • While pushing in on the dimple in the center of the butt plate, pull the sling swivel out about 1/4" until it locks in place.
  • Inserting the receiver
    • Slide the bolt group into the receiver by inserting the guide rods into their respective holes in the back of the receiver.
    • Push the bolt group forward until the lugs on the bolt face touch the lugs in the receiver.
    • Ensure that the stock's housing latch is open and protruding from the right side of the stock so that the bolt carrier and receiver can be installed.
    • While holding the receiver face down to prevent the bolt group from falling out, slide the stock over both assemblies until the rear of the receiver fits tightly against the stock.
    • Engage the housing latch by pressing back in to the left so that it locks into position.
  • Barrel insertion
    • While holding the barrel by its grip, insert it into the receiver bore and guide it down until the receiver face comes into contact with the barrel sleeve.
    • With the barrel grip canted slightly to the left and the barrel sleeve pressed against the receiver, rotate the barrel counter-clockwise until the spring-loaded retaining pin automatically locks the barrel in place.
At this point, the AUG is completely assembled.

VII. Table of Stoppages

Incorrect feeding and loading

Cause Remedial Action
Magazine is inserted incorrectly Remove the magazine, and insert
it again until the magazine catch
positively locks
Damaged Magazine Inspect the magazine, and replace
it if necessary
Dirty Magazine Clean the magazine
Insufficient Gas Pressure Align the gas plug with the large
circle to increase gas flow ; THIS
Dirty Chamber Clean the chamber
Defective or Dirty Cartridge Discard the cartridge, and clean
the chamber

Bolt Does Not Lock Back

Dirty Chamber or Dirty bolt Clean both the chamber and the
Defective Cartridge Eject and discard the cartridge
Jammed Extractor Clean and oil the extractor


Defective Cartridge (primer is struck but fails to ignite) Maintain firing position for 30
seconds and then unload
Defective or Broken Firing Pin Maintain firing position for 30
seconds, clear and unload the
weapon, and replace the firing pin
Fouled Bolt Clean and oil the bolt
Defective Hammer Mechanism Replace the hammer mechanism

Incorrect Extracting or Ejecting

Jammed Extractor Clean and oil the extractor
Defective Extractor Replace the Extractor
Weak Extractor Spring Replace the extractor spring
Defective Ejector Replace the Ejector

VIII. Cleaning and Maintenance

  • After each usage, clean the weapon with its supplied cleaning kit or with a commercial kit that is appropriate for .223 caliber firearms. Clean - but do not oil - the gas system, and make sure that the barrel is also free of oil before firing.
  • Clean the lenses of the optical system with a dry, lint-free cloth, or wash them with clean water if necessary.