AUG 9mm

Taking advantage of the AUG's modularity, Steyr engineers have designed a kit which allows the user to convert an AUG into a 9mm carbine without the use of tools. The kit consists of a barrel group, bolt group, 25-rd magazine, and magazine adaptor. The carrier assembly differs from the .223 version in that it does not require the use of a rotating bolt. Also, the bolt allows only for right-handed ejection, so the stock's port cover must be situated accordingly on the left side. The magazine adaptor emulates the top of a .223 magazine and remains affixed to the stock during magazine changes. It contains its own bolt hold-open actuator which is triggered by the 9mm magazine follower. Because it utilizes the blowback principle, there is no gas port or piston in the 16" barrel assembly. A 9mm AUG measures 665mm (26") in length and is 3/4 of an inch shorter than an HK MP5A2 which uses only an 8.85" barrel. Without a magazine, the AUG 9mm weighs approximately 7 lbs. as opposed to an MP5A2 which weighs 5.9 lbs. However, while the MP5 seems to have been adopted by every worthwhile military force and law enforcement agency worldwide, it is estimated that there are less than 175 9mm AUG conversion kits in the U.S.