Steyr is a rather progressive company which, while continuing to produce high-quality arms of traditional design, is always at the forefront of advanced development as well. Having already been responsible for producing the highly-touted 5.56mm AUG assault rifle, it didn't take long for the Austrian firm to come out with a companion piece designed for sniper applications. This is the AUG/HBAR-T (heavy barreled automatic rifle with telescopic sights).

The HBAR-T shares the assault rifle's synthetic stock of bull-pup configuration; however, the AUG's carrying handle cum optic sight has been deleted to make room for a scope base. The same Kahles ZF69 6x [commonly used on Steyr SSGs] is then fitted to the HBAR-T and the receiver thus modified is complemented by a 24-inch, cold hammer-forged heavy barrel with integral bipod.

The AUG/HBAR-T features all of the same prepossing traits which make the AUG system so appealing...

-From Sniper Rifles for Civilian Sharpshooters by Nick Nichols;
first published in Gun's and Ammo's 1984 edition of Assault Firearms