Steyr AUG Accessories

Sight Covers

Steyr usually ships their AUGs and USRs with a pair of opaque sight covers to protect the lenses on each weapon's integral 1.5x Swarovski optical tube. These simple devices are intended only for shipping or storage. They are not appropriate for everyday use, and they are especially unsuitable in a combat environment where they will invariably fall off.

To protect the optics during everyday use, Steyr offers a much more robust and functional set of lens covers that, when attached to the optical tube housing, still allow the user to observe a target through the optics. Though these plastic lenses admittedly degrade the sight picture's clarity, they do function as intended. The units consist of front and rear black, polymer lens housings that are connnected by black, elastic straps. They attach securely to recesses in the optical tube housing and protect the optical tube's ocular and objective lenses from exposure to dirt and mud. Once they become fouled, the user need only remove them and rinse them with water. If the situation requires, the user can shoot his or her weapon in the interim with a clean, clear and unscratched optical tube.