MP5K Technical Specifications
Caliber 9x19mm (9mm Parabellum)
Operation Recoil operated, delayed roller-locked
bolt system
Ammunition Feed Curved magazines; 15- or 30-round
Modes of fire Semi-automatic and full-automatic
(optional 2- or 3-round burst)
Rifling 6 Groove right hand twist, 1 turn in 15
Mechanical sights Rotary aperature rear sight adjustable for
windage and elevation; Hooded post front
Optical sights Any telescopic sight or aiming device
compatible with HK claw-lock mounts; HK
PULSE BEAM laser aimers mounted on
cocking tube
Weight 4.4 pounds (2.09 kg)
Barrel length 4.50 inches (127mm)
Overall length 13.75 inches (349mm)
Width 1.96 inches (71mm)
Height 8.26 inches (210mm)

Information courtesy of Heckler and Koch