HK MP5/10

The MP5/10 SMG is a product-improved variation of the world-famous MP5 9mm submachine gun. Designed especially for the American Law Enforcement user, the MP5/10 is chambered for the potent 10mm Auto cartridge. Operation and functioning principles of the MP5/10 are identical to that of the 9mm MP5.

Numerous user inspired improvements have been incorporated into the design. A new bolt catch holds the bolt group rearward after the magazine is empty. A newly designed translucent (see-through) synthetic magazine allows the user to see the immediate status of the rounds remaining in the magazine. These magazines snap together without the need of an accessory clamp, providing the operator with sixty rounds of available firepower right on the weapon. Using a specially developed high strength polymer, these are magazines 30% lighter and impervious to corrosion.

The MP5/10 will come standard with HK's ambidextrous trigger group providing for single, 3-round burst and sustained (full automatic) fire modes. Optional trigger groups, including any combination of the above modes of fire, will also be available. The safety/selector switch is easily accessible by right or left handed operators and does not require operators to change their firing grip to take the weapon off "safe".

A high degree of interchangeability of parts, accessories, stocks and slings exist between the MP5/10 and the 9mm MP5. For low light/night use, HK's own Beta (tritium) self-luminous front and rear sights are available as an option. Replacing the standard forearm with an HK Tactical Forearm Light provides the user with an integral 15,000 candle power flashlight.

The MP5/10 is designed to meet the ever increasing call by U.S. Law Enforcement for a compact, accurate and reliable submachine gun chambered for a cartridge with increased terminal effects on target. The 10mm Auto cartridge provides up to twice the muzzle energy of the standard 9mm parabellum NATO cartridge, and still is easily controllable due to the unique roller-locked bolt system employed throughout the HK line of weapons. This perfect combination of weapon and cartridge puts the firepower, penetration and hard hitting potential of a .45 ACP Thompson SMG into a package identical in size and weight to the 9mm MP5!

As with all HK weapons, the MP5/10 fires from a closed bolt. The newly incorporated bolt catch holds the bolt to the rear after the last round is fired. Depressing the bolt catch release lever releases the bolt to chamber the first round of the loaded magazine. Reloading the MP5/10 under stress is quick and easy due to the design and location of the bolt catch, the ambidextrous magazine release lever, and the convenient way multiple magazines can be snapped together.

The combat proven recoil operation principle ensures excellent reliability under all conditions and surgical accuracy to ranges of 150 meters and beyond. The ability of the roller-locked bolt system to reduce the peak recoil impulse of the 10mm Auto cartridge translates into a very controllable, low recoiling weapon weighing less than 6-1/2 pounds. This combination of light weight and low recoil, make the MP5/10 an ideal weapon for all operators, whether large or small statured.

As a replacement or supplement for the shotgun, the MP5/10 increases the range, accuracy and penetration capability of the user. Its small size makes it easy to transport in and out of confined areas such as vehicles and buildings. Using a 30-round magazine of 10mm ammunition, the MP5/10 gives the user an undeniabl increase in accurate, hard-hitting firepower without the hazardous need for reloading. Ammunition for the MP5/10 is completely compatible with 10mm pistols used by many law enforcement organizations today. The MP5/10 will feed and function reliably with all types of 10mm Auto rounds, both high and low impulse, without modification.

The safety of the MP5/10, like HK's 9mmSMG, is assured due to its positive safety/selector switch, closed-bolt operation and roller-locked bolt. Series production of the MP5/10 is slated to begin in mid-1991. A .40 S&W caliber MP5, termed MP5/40, is undergoing development and testing and is expected to enter series production in late 1991. Other than caliber, the MP5/40 will be identical to the MP5/10.

MP5/10 Technical Specifications
Caliber 10mm Auto
Operation Recoil operated, delayed roller-locked bolt system
Ammunition Feed Straight, translucent, synthetic magazine; 30-round capacity
Modes of fire Semi-automatic, 3-round burst, and full-automatic
Rifling 6 Groove right hand twist, one turn in 15 inches
Mechanical sights Rotary aperature rear sight adjustable for windage and elevation; Hooded post front sight
Optical sights Any telescopic sight or aiming device compatible with HK claw-lock mounts; HK PULSE BEAM laser aimers mounted on cocking tube
Weight: with A2 (fixed) stock 5.88 pounds (2.67 kg)
Weight: with A3 (collapsible) stock 6.23 pounds (2.85 kg)
Barrel length 8.85 inches
Overall length: with A2 stock 26.77 inches (680mm)
Overall length: with A3 stock extended 25.98 inches (660mm)
Overall length: with A3 stock collapsed 19.29 inches (490mm)
Sight radius 13.38 inches (340mm)
Width 1.96 inches (50mm)
Height 8.26 inches (210mm)
Standard features Bolt hold-open catch, ambidextrous trigger group & sling attachmentpoints, translucent synthetic magazines
Optional features Tritium sights (front & rear), semi-automatic fire only, 2-round burst, 3-round burst, and fully automatic fire trigger groups

Information courtesy of Heckler and Koch