HK G41

HECKLER & KOCH thinks in terms of systems; proven concepts are applied systematically and thoroughly to small arms. In the G41, these are: the delayed roller-locked bolt principle, the hammer-forged barrel with polygonal bore, the deep-drawn sheet steel receiver, the rotary-aperture rear sight and the option of either fixed or collapsible butt stocks.

Added to these basic components are important practical innovations to expand and improve the operational scope of the G41:

  • Wide-ranging inter-operability with other light infantry weapons has been achieved. The G41 barrel is available with various rifling lenghts to fire with optimum effect the various types of 5.56x45 caliber (.223) ammunition in use with the armed forces. In addition to taking the HK 30-round magazine, the G41 magazine well has been designed to accept all other magazines in compliance with STANAG size specifications.
  • The trigger mechanism in integrated with the pistol grip and allows three different types of fire. The four selector lever positions are marked with symbols representing: Safe / Single fire / 3-round burst / Automatic fire. The ergonomic safety can be operated from either side.
  • The burst control trigger restricts the length of a burst to three rounds. Each time the trigger is released, a new count is started, regardless of how many rounds were fired the last time.
  • A low-noise forward assist is used to positively yet quietly close the bolt. Operating this device presses the bolt forward until the rollers are fully locked. This can also be used to lock an excessively fouled bolt. To quietly load the weapon, e.g., when lying in ambush, the firer does not let the cocking lever snap forward, but instead eases it faorward slowly. The forward assist is then pressed to completely lock the bolt.
  • A bolt catch holds the breech open when the last round in the magazine has been fired, thereby speeding the reloading operation.
  • A hinged and spring-loaded dust cover seals the ejection port to inhibit chamber fouling.
  • A carrying handle is positioned at the weapons' balance point. When not in use, it folds to the side leaving a clear sight picture.
  • A robust and durable rifle, the G41 designed to last for more than 20,000 rounds.
  • Its modular design provides for the use of STANAG-specific rifle grenades and magazines, for the attachment of an optional scope mount that accepts all day and night sighting devices, and for the attachment of a bipod.

Tactical Group Support system

This individual-troop system is intended to privide a combat group with its own tactical support, and it consists of a combination of a G41 rifle with a detachable HK 79 grenade launcher that is chambered for 40mm projectiles. A group armed with the G41-TGS can safely yet more effectively engage targets from behind cover at up to 350 meters. A wide selection of 40mm grenades are available; these range from flares to barricade breakers to high-explosive (HE) rounds. The HK 79 will attach to all versions of the G41 without the use of tools, so combat units need only to choose the desired rifle platform when assembling a TGS system.

HK's technologically-advanced G41 automatic rifle is a product of continual reasearch and development, and it is manufactured under some of the most sophisticated production methods in current use. The development of this rifle was specifically aimed at finding new and superior solutions - at pursuing those genuinely advanced features that represent practical and important innovations.

The design of the G41 called for a rifle that was exceptionally robust, with on-target precision, reliability, and long service life as leading features. No other automatic rifle remains as stable or is as easy to control when firing short bursts or on automatic fire. This attribute lends the soldier decisive advantages rather than - in the interests of faddish compromise - a slight reduction in weight. A bit of hands-on training with this weapon will quickly reveal its practical handling and controllability as well as its convincing ergonomic design.

The G41 retains many of the G3's salient features that have proven totally reliable through decades of use. For instance, the G41's recoil-operated and roller-locked bolt fires from a positively closed position for optimum accuracy. Its sights are identical to those of the G3 - hooded-post front sight and 4-position rotary rear sight with diopter settings ranging from 200 to 400 meters. The 6-sided polygonal bore profile resembles that of the superior PSG1 marksman's rifle and offers improved ballistics, increased barrel life and reduced fouling. Precision, reliability and longevity are hallmarks of the G41 rifle.

To date, HECKLER & KOCH has issued production liscenses in 14 different countries for the manufacture of assault rifles, machine-guns and submachine-guns in calibers ranging from 9mm to 7.62 NATO. HK has well-established and straightforward procedures for transmitting production know-how to their liscensing partners. They have planned and built complete, turn-key facilities while training personnel for the successful and efficient operation thereof. Liscensed producers of HK small arms recieve what they expect - modern industrial plants, technical knowledge and assistance, and professional service.

G41 Techncial Specifications
Caliber 5.56 mm x 45
Rifling lengths 178 mm (7 in)
305 mm (12 in)
Bore profile 6-sided polygon
Modes of fire Single, 3-rd burst, automatic
Rate of fire 850 rounds/min
Mechanical sights 4-position rotary rear sight with 200-300-400m diopter, open battle sight, windage and elevation adjustments
Optical sights Telescopic 4x24, 6-positions (100-600m) elevation and windage adjustments
Unloaded weight Fixed stock: 4.1 kg
Retractable stock: 4.4kg
Weight of empty magazine 0.14 kg (aluminum)
Weight of telescopic sight 0.65 kg
Weight of bipod 0.22 kg
Overall length With fixed A2 stock: 997 mm
With retracted A3 stock: 800 mm
With extended A3 stock: 985 mm
Sight radius 566 mm
Barrel length 450 mm
Height/width of weapon 214/72 mm

Information courtesy of Heckler and Koch