The world's most famous military handgun has been improved. In the early twenties, John Moses Browning and FN Herstal jointly designed the original Browning 9mm Hi Power single action pistol. Today, FN's HP pistol is in service in more than 100 countries around the world, and it has a well-established reputation for high quality and total reliability. FN's newer, product-improved MK3 represents decades of user feedback and offers a subtle balance between tradition and evolving technologies.

Improvements over the HP pistol include:

Ergonomic grips that significantly improve handling and contribute to the shooter's comfort.

New sights for improved accuracy. These are precision machined and notched for optimum contrast. Both front and rear sights are dovetailed to ease zeroing and to allow for the installation of tritium night sights.

Ambidextrous safety for added security during left-handed operation.

The MK3 retains the Hi Power's original mechanism as well as all of the major parts and vital advantages of its venerable predecessor. This precludes any deviation whatsoever from the Hi Power's long-standing reputation for safety and reliability under even the most adverse conditions. The MK3's sturdy and simple mechanism also ensures long component life and simple maintenance.

To simplify the transition from Hi Power to MK3 and to take advantage of an existing and highly-effective design, the MK3 also retains the Hi Power's numerous and proven safety mechanisms. These include:

a mechanical safety lever, now ambidextrous, that allows the weapon to be carried fully safe,

a visable hammer which indicates whether or not the weapon is cocked,

a half-cocked notch that catches the hammer if it slips during cocking or de-cocking,

a firing pin spring design which prevents inadvertent discharge if the weapon is dropped with a round chambered and

a magazine safety that disengages the trigger when the magazine is removed.

MK3 Technical Specifications

Caliber 9x19mm NATO
Operating principle Short recoil Browning mechanism
Trigger mechanism Single action only
Magazine capacity 13 rounds
Overall length 200mm (7.9 in)
Barrel length 118mm (4.6 in)
Sight radius 159mm (6.2 in)
Weight, unloaded 930g (2 lbs)
Weight, loaded 1,085g (2.3 lbs)
Finish Black, corrosion-resistant semi-gloss

information courtesy of FN HERSTAL