One Weapon, Two Models

The BDA9 and BDAO pistols have a lot in common. They share the same reliable mechanism, offer the same superb egronomics and are both manufactured to FN HERSTAL's stringent quality standards. At the same time, they are different in function as they are each intended to satisfy different basic mission requirements. The BDA9 was conceived for military applications while the BDAO is perfectly suitable for law enforcement use.


Hammer position
after first round fired
The BDA9 is a double/single action, high-capacity, semi-automatic pistol that operates by a conventional and reliable short recoil of the barrel. It uses a classic double action trigger which cocks and then releases the hammer. The recoil of the slide recocks the hammer, and all consective shots are fired from the single action mode.

The BDA9's visable and accessible hammer can be cocked manually if the user wishes to fire the first shot in the single action without first cycling the slide (i.e. after the pistol has been decocked). The BDA9 features an ambidextrous decocking lever and a reversible magazine catch.


The BDAO is a double-action-only, high-capacity semi-automatic pistol that, like the BDA9, operates by a short recoil of the barrel. The rearward pull of the trigger cocks and then releases the hammer which is automatically decocked following each shot. The BDAO's magazine catch is reversible for left- or right-handed use.

Safe to Carry, Operate and Handle

The BDA9 and the BDAO both feature a firing pin safety which automatically blocks the firing pin and is released only when the trigger is pulled to fire. Immediately after a round is fired, the safety reengages itself even if the trigger is not released. When the hammer is released from the cocked position either by actuating the decocking lever (BDA9) or when the slide closes (BDAO), it is caught in the safety notch by the decocking safety before it reaches the firing pin.

All safeties are connected at all times except when the trigger is pulled.

Technical Specifications

Caliber 9x19mm NATO
Operating principle Short recoil locked mechanism
Trigger mechanism Double action/single action Double action only
Magazine capacity 14 rounds
Overall length 200mm (7.9 in)
Barrel length 118mm (4.6 in)
Sight radius 160mm (6.3 in)
Weight, unloaded 875g (1.93 lbs) 870g (1.92 lbs)
Weight, loaded 1,045g (2.30 lbs) 1,040g (2.29 lbs)
Finish Black, corrosion-resistant semi-gloss

information courtesy of FN HERSTAL